The Sourcing without LinkedIn Workshop, is SOLD OUT for March 26th, but don't worry. We have added a second date - April 2nd. Check here for more details on this special interactive session exploring every major method to find professionals outside of LinkedIn.  >>>>

“We've seen firsthand that Irina's training is producing the top sourcers in the industry. Every month, the top earning recruiters on RecruitiFi are sourcers who have been credentialed through Irina's CPSP (Certified People Sourcing Professional) program. You can't argue with success!”
- Norman Clausen, Recruitifi

What is People Sourcing?

People Sourcing is effectively and efficiently finding target professionals online. Learning to Source through our Sourcing Guidebook will put you in the top echelon of Sourcers, internationally.

If you are a Recruiter, our training will help you to find the right potential candidates for the job many times faster - and to find extra top professionals that others won't.

If you are in Business Development or Sales, the methodology we teach will help you to find more potential clients.

For your team, learning the People Sourcing methods will provide a productivity boost and a common framework for your Sourcing practice.

The CPSP (Certified People Sourcing Professional) credential is the international industry standard for demonstrating proficiency in Sourcing skills. People who have attained the CPSP have proven that they can successfully apply their knowledge of Sourcing to a wide range of challenges.

Learn about the international industry standard for the training and benchmarking of sourcing skills.

Learn all there is to know about a specific topic. Select from our stand-alone training videos.
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