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“We’ve seen firsthand that Irina’s training is producing the top sourcers in the industry. Every month, the top earning recruiters on RecruitiFi are sourcers who have been credentialed through Irina’s CPSP (Certified People Sourcing Professional) program. You can’t argue with success!”
– Norman Clausen, Recruitifi

The People Sourcing Certification Program provides innovative, flexible training solutions to Recruiters, Sourcers, and Talent Acquisition teams from every industry, all over the globe. We pride ourselves in producing the most in-depth and always up-to-date coverage of the best sourcing tools and technologies in industry. Tens of thousands of professionals, from beginners to experts, have benefitted from taking our classes.

The CPSP Sourcing Guidebook is a comprehensive self-paced learning system covering everything you need to be proficient at sourcing.

Take the certification Exam to earn your Certified People Sourcing Professional (CPSP) credential.

Our library of stand-alone Sourcing Webinars, which provide a deeper look at individual Sourcing topics.

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