Webinar: 300 Best Boolean Strings – Recording, Slides and More

Webinar: 300 Best Boolean Strings – Recording, Slides and More 2017-01-25T06:32:48+00:00
300 Best Boolean Strings

The “300 Best Boolean Strings, 2nd Edition” e-book can be ordered separately from the webinar via BooleanBook.com.

While successfully engaging your prospects is critical for overall success, we cannot overstate the importance of properly executed search as part of recruiting process. Sourcers and recruiters (not just machines!) are essential to search for professionals. We can get help from software tools, but without expert users, the tools are useless.

To remain productive and improve Sourcing performance, we must follow and take advantage of frequent changes in search technologies, knowing what to expect when using each tool. It is frustrating when a tried-and-true search string produces no results unless we understand how search works and can adjust syntax as necessary.

If you would like to catch up with modern Boolean search syntax, purchase this recording for an exciting Internet-wide exploration of Boolean Strings. The webinar follows Master Sourcer Irina Shamaeva’s e-book “300 Best Boolean Strings, 2nd Edition”. Purchase both together and receive $10 off the e-book price!

Irina discusses semantic elements in search engines, the most useful search operators, and lesser-known search syntax that can give your searches an additional boost. Then, she reviews Boolean string templates to find: synonyms and relevant terminology, useful sites for research, professional profiles, email formats, contact information, and lists of professionals. Irina’s examples cover a broad range of industries and locations.

Duration: 90 minutes
Included: the slides, a video-recording, and one month of support

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