Lecture & Practice Session: Boolean Strings Basics – Recording, Slides, and More

Lecture & Practice Session: Boolean Strings Basics – Recording, Slides, and More 2016-10-29T08:50:23+00:00
Boolean Strings Basics

“Thank you for the awesome Boolean String Basics class Irina and David. It was fantastic and so enriched with useful knowledge!! I feel like I have some great tools to take forward with me on my sourcing quest.”

- Shirley Hubbard, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Physio-Control

This foundational webinar teaches how to use Boolean logic and syntax to improve your searches. An excellent resource for new Sourcers, and a great way for experienced Sourcers to refresh their advanced Boolean search skills.

We cover the basics of Boolean Strings building for Google and other search engines; LinkedIn; job boards; and people aggregators. An up-to-date Boolean reference guide is also included for all who purchase the recorded materials.

In this new webinar, Sourcing Master Irina Shamaeva covers the main concepts, best practices, and techniques for Sourcing talent across different countries.

What You Will Learn: The fundamentals of the Boolean Search syntax and the best practices for searching for professionals online.

Who Will Benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, Researches, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Sales, Business Development, and Managers who are looking to find qualified professionals online as part of their job.

Included: The slides, video recordings, and one month of support on any "Boolean Strings" questions

Also Included: A completely up-to-date Tip Sheet with the Boolean syntax

The presentation is in Double-Webinar format:

Boolean Strings Basics - Lecture ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Boolean Strings Basics - Practice ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Boolean Strings Basics - BOTH Lecture AND Practice Session
Register for BOTH Lecture and Practice (recommended; save $49!), and get access to ALL materials, including 3 hours of video instruction:

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