Webinar: Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter – Recording, Slides, and More

Webinar: Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter – Recording, Slides, and More 2017-04-12T14:13:24+00:00
Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter

Disclaimer: We cannot make suggestions about what LinkedIn account is right for you. We are not affiliated with LinkedIn.

Last year, LinkedIn has rolled out a new version of LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR), and has made more changes in recent months affecting Corporate and Lite accounts alike. The new interface has brought with it many changes, some good and some bad. The search syntax redesign, for instance, has brought confusion to LIR users because the new syntax is not compatible with the old. If you have experienced strange search outcomes, or your team has complained that it is harder to find candidates on LinkedIn, that is due to these changes.

LinkedIn provided some documentation on the redesign, but it doesn’t have enough level of detail and lacks the guidance necessary to use the new LIR productively.

Have you retrained your team on how to properly use the new rules of LIR? This webinar teaches the necessary new skills, plus, we explain how to work around the features that the product has lost in the new implementation.

Our Master Sourcers show you how to master new features, as well as how to overcome the challenges introduced by the removal of earlier functionality.

Additionally, we cover the most productive, and lesser known, ways to source and best practices of engaging potential candidates using LIR.

Who Will Benefit: Teams with a LinkedIn Recruiter subscriptions – both Corporate and Recruiter Professional Services.

Webinar Outcome: You will learn how to correctly perform searches and find the right potential candidates; send many more InMails to potential candidates than your subscription limit; use appropriate InMail templates and personalization; track pools of candidates; and more.

By applying the process and techniques explained at the webinar, you will be able to grow your pipeline and engage with many more prospects in the same timeframe, with the same resources.

Duration: 90 minutes
Included: the slides, a video-recording, and one month of support

After providing payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for accessing the webinar materials within one business day.