Lecture & Practice: Productivity Tools for Sourcing

Lecture & Practice: Productivity Tools for Sourcing 2017-11-13T06:24:20+00:00

Productivity Tools for Sourcing

The Sourcing tools landscape is in a constant state of change. Get up-to-date on the must-have tools and best practices for 2018 and beyond with this course!

Our Master Sourcers will review the current state-of-the-art tools, and discuss the capabilities, limitations, and best ways to integrate each tool into your Sourcing and Recruiting processes. We will also provide guidelines for selecting from among comparable tools to best suit your needs.

Categories of tools covered include:

  • Browser selections and settings for increased productivity
  • Tools and techniques for efficiently surfacing contact details
  • 'People Aggregator' and candidate search databases
  • Simple screen-scraping tools for reducing manual data collection
  • Social monitoring and post automation tools for individuals.
  • A close look at so-called "search automation" tools - should you use them, and for what?

Takeaways: A wealth of tips to speed up your work; start using them as soon as the webinar is over! Plus, get a Reference Guide to over 50 best productivity tools, and guidelines for assessing existing and future tools.

Who Will Benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Researchers, Name Generators, Inside Sales, Business Development Professionals, and anyone who wants to excel at Internet Research.

The presentation is in two parts. Seating for both sessions is limited; register today:

Productivity Tools for Sourcing - Lecture ONLY
Date: Tuesday, December 19th
Time: 9 AM Pacific (Your Local Time)
Duration: 90 minutes
Productivity Tools for Sourcing - Practice ONLY
Date: Wednesday, December 20th
Time: 9 AM Pacific (Your Local Time)
Duration: 90 minutes
Productivity Tools for Sourcing - BOTH Lecture AND Practice Session
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