Test Your Sourcing Knowledge

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This self-assessment provides a preview of some of the types of questions asked on the CPSP certification Exam. When you are finished, click "See Your Score" at the bottom of the page to see how you did.

If you provide a valid Email below, you will also be sent detailed results including the correct answers and their explanations.

Q1) [2 pts] Of the following resources, select those which can be found by X-Raying.

Q2) [2 pts] If you perform the following search on Google -- "sales and marketing" -("manager" "director" "vp") -- which of the following statements is true about the results?

Q3) [4 pts] Which of the following are currently valid search operators for at least one Google property?

Q4) [2 pts] According to his blog, what conference did the person whose mobile phone number is (972) 800-2425 attend in September 2014?

Q5) [2 pts] Find a social site for pets (yes, pets) that features "plogs" (pet blogs).

What is the URL for this site?

Q6) [3 pts] If you are trying to find LinkedIn members near Mumbai, India, who work at Google as a developer or engineer, which of the following would you need to include in your search?

For the purpose of this question, "Field" refers to the text boxes where you enter keywords, and "Facet" refers to the checkboxes.

Select all that apply:

Q7) [4 pts] Using the Find Friends option on Facebook, you can search for people using the following criteria (select all that apply):

Q8) [2 pts] How many people were employed by the company this person owns, according a September 2013 article?

Use Google's Search by Image to find out. Please enter your answer in numeral (e.g. 1143) form.

Q9) [2 pts] On the WITI (Women in Technology International) website, find a page for the "Orange County Steering Committee".

What is the last name of the Speaker Coordinator?

Q10) [2 pts] X-Ray (site:) search Google-Plus for members that formerly worked at McKinsey & Company, formerly attended Harvard Business School, and currently live in Boston.

Of these members, what is the last name of the person who attended Harvard Business School most recently?

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