Custom Search Engines for Sourcing

Custom Search Engines for Sourcing 2017-01-10T17:41:56+00:00

We have created the following Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) to make life easier for Sourcers and Recruiters everywhere.

CSE Name Public URL
Search Everything
Language Proficiency
Email Formats
Slideshare Resumes
Slideshare CVs
Scholar Profiles
LinkedIn Persons
Meetup Persons
Google-Plus Persons
Search for PDF
Document by Format
Documents Storage
Google Domains
Career Pages
Diversity Associations
Hidden Resumes
Emails in Resumes
LinkedIn Countries
Accounting Services
Healthcare Professionals
Google+ Profiles with Email & Phone Conferences
Software Code
X-Ray Zoominfo Profiles

Learn more about creating your own CSEs in our webinar - Custom Search Engines for Everyone.