Lecture & Practice: Data-Driven Recruiting – Recording, Slides, and More

Lecture & Practice: Data-Driven Recruiting – Recording, Slides, and More 2017-01-10T15:52:19+00:00
Data-Driven Recruiting

Measuring Sourcing activities is not an easy task. We all know that the number of resumes submitted doesn't speak to the quality of Sourcing, and the number of hires relies on many factors outside of the Sourcer's control. However, there are activities within the candidate attraction process that we can measure precisely; using dedicated tools and data science to optimize them with confidence.

How many potential candidates have seen your job ad? How many applied? Who is sharing your Tweets, liking your Facebook page, or sharing your LinkedIn posts? Is content posted at 9AM Wednesday morning performing better, or is it what you distribute at 7PM on Sunday that reaches the best audience?

In addition to the built-in tools on social media sites and job boards, leveraging Bitly, tracking images, Google website analytics, Buffer, IFTTT, Quintly, ManageFlitter, Riffle, SumAll and more, will give you a precise picture of how well your recruiting marketing activities are performing.

At the webinar, you will learn the best, easy-to-use, tools for automating and scheduling postings, tracking engagement, monitoring social media, and optimizing online candidate engagement.

Who Should Attend? Sourcers, Recruiters, talent acquisition teams looking to take advantage of data-driven process optimization and pull ahead of the competition.

The presentation is in Double-Webinar format:

Data-Driven Recruiting - Lecture ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Data-Driven Recruiting - Practice ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Data-Driven Recruiting - BOTH Lecture AND Practice Session
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