How to Clean, Refresh and Enrich Your Recruitment Data

Does your ATS or CRM system have outdated records? Of course, it does! The move from filing cabinets and folders to electronic record-keeping has not solved this fundamental problem: your data gets stale with time. However, these records represent a significant investment and still hold value. They contain information about candidates and prospects who have already been in touch with us, and, on average, are more responsive to our future outreach efforts.

Success at filling requisitions, or making sales, requires getting in touch with the right people, at the right time. Our ability to engage with potential candidates – or, more broadly – business prospects – depends on the accuracy of the data we have. Correct email addresses ensure delivery. Additional information (that we may not have for the older records until we take care of refreshing the data) may include a recent job title change, change of employer, or relocating. Data refreshing improves targeted message delivery.

In this new online class, we will be presenting multiple ways to clean, refresh, and verify professional data. We’ll also cover free and inexpensive tools to enrich your data using online resources and social lookup tools. Unlike expensive enterprise solutions, the methods we teach are available to and practical for individual contributors in organizations large or small.

Who Will Benefit: The course is presented in two parts. The informative Lecture is packed with actionable insights you can put into practice immediately. The optional Practice Session provide and opportunity for hands-on demonstrations and live Q&A on all topics covered in the Lecture.

What You Will Learn: This class provides practical low-cost options to clean, refresh, and verify professional data without the need to use expensive tools or services.

Who Will Benefit: This class will be immediately useful for Recruiters, Sourcers, and everyone who reaches out to prospects and potential candidates on a regular basis – useful for individual contributors at companies of any size.

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

30 Days Support: This class includes our 30-day online support guarantee. Get answers to your questions, additional examples, and suggestions for implementing what you learn!

Optional Practice Session: For the live version of the class, you'll get extended Q&A and real-time demonstrations of how to apply what you've learned to your daily work. In recorded form, the practice session provides additional examples and exercises for practicing on your own time.

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