Executive Sourcing Techniques

Does your Recruiting practice include Sourcing for CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors, and other executives?

The best practices for effective Sourcing apply to every industry, location, and type of candidate. However, it may be challenging to apply these core ideas to your niche without seeing a range of practical demonstrations. Every niche has its unique twists and challenges, as well.

When it comes to executive search, it is crucial to understand the landscape of companies and roles from which you can recruit. For this reason, we emphasize deep competitive and market intelligence techniques in this class. You will learn the most efficient ways to determine: comparable and competing firms, job title hierarchies, publicized hiring and firing activity, and industry news, for example.

You will also learn advanced LinkedIn and Google search techniques relevant to executive search, to uncover individual executive's profiles, lists of relevant executives, org charts, and other useful information.

Finally, we cover techniques for gaining a broader understanding of your prospective candidate through research, to increase the effectiveness of your outreach.

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Class Outcomes: You will learn the current best techniques for identifying executives in any location, industry, or company, and for performing effective competitive and market intelligence to support your executive Sourcing efforts.

Who will benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, Talent Acquisition Professionals, and Researchers engaged in Executive Search.

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

30 Days Support: This class includes our 30-day online support guarantee. Get answers to your questions, additional examples, and suggestions for implementing what you learn.

Optional Workshop Session: For the live version of the class, you'll get extended Q&A and real-time demonstrations of how to apply what you've learned to your daily work. In recorded form, the workshop session provides additional examples and practice exercises to work through on your own time.

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Lecture Recorded: April 29, 2020
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