Lecture & Practice: Facebook Sourcing Mastery – Recording, Slides, and More

Lecture & Practice: Facebook Sourcing Mastery – Recording, Slides, and More 2017-08-16T20:01:37+00:00
Facebook Sourcing

If Facebook isn't part of your Sourcing strategy, you are missing out! Professionals in every role, from every industry, from all over the world are on Facebook. Rapidly approaching two billion active users, Facebook has five times as many profiles as LinkedIn; more than the top traditional job boards combined! Searching for professionals on Facebook can provide results that you won't get anywhere else.

Better still, Facebook's powerful messaging features will let you reach mobile users, well over one billion people, anywhere, any time. Some people feel shy about contacting prospects through Facebook, but we'll discuss why you need to get over your fears and make the most of this incredible resource. Of course, if you find a great prospect on Facebook, you can also call or email them -- Facebook's features make it easy to verify email addresses, and often mobile phone numbers as well.

The informative Lecture covers a multitude of advanced sourcing tips for identifying and engaging prospects from Facebook. The optional Practice Session provides you with the opportunity to watfor extended Q&A, including real-time demonstrations and brainstorming solutions to your specific problems.

Included: A detailed guide to unlocking hidden "Graph search", including Boolean searches, to find just the most relevant prospects; how to discover contact information using lesser-known Facebook functionality; best practices for reaching out via Messenger; and useful third party tools to improve efficiency.

Who will benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, Business Development professionals, and anyone who's job involves searching for professionals online will benefit from this course.

Course Outcomes: You will receive a guide to current best practices for efficiently identifying and engaging prospects on Facebook. Increasing your Sourcing performance and success with the immediately applicable materials.

The course is presented in two parts:

Facebook Sourcing - Lecture ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Facebook Sourcing - Practice ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Facebook Sourcing - Both Lecture and Practice Session
Register for BOTH the Lecture and Practice (recommended; save $49!), and get access to ALL materials, including 3 hours of video instruction:

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