Sourcing Skills Assessment & Development

Are you interested in assessing your or your team's sourcing skills, looking for interview questions for new Recruiter hires, or have decided to get Certified in Sourcing? Then this webinar is for you.

This free webinar coincided with the release of our eBook Sourcing Answers, outlining our sourcing skills assessment methodology and providing over 120 sourcing challenges and solutions. The book is a new addition to our exam-taking offering; we have been certifying Sourcers and Recruiters globally for eight years.

In the presentation, we share our experience designing and grading Exams, assessing recruiting teams, and lessons learned. We share our methodology, six core areas of proficiency that we test, and sample Exam questions from the book.

Webinar Outcome: Learn the best ways to assess Sourcing skills for yourself, your team, or potential new hires (and what to do next).

Who Will Benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, and anyone who hires or manages talent acquisition teams.

You can download the slides from this presentation here, or view the recording on our YouTube channel.