LinkedIn Recruiter and the Talent Pipeline

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The information presented in this course cannot be found in any LinkedIn Recruiter help documentation! There are three significant challenges in using LinkedIn Recruiter:

1) Recruiter’s search filters don’t work as described. You might be losing results or getting false positives for many searches. Have you experienced unexpected search outcomes? Has your team complained that it is hard to find candidates on LinkedIn? If so, that is due to the poorly designed UI/UX and recent changes to the search algorithms and Boolean search. In the class, we are going to explain what exactly happens using each filter, so that you won’t be losing matching results. (LinkedIn’s Help does not document this).

2) The majority of LIR users are unaware of its powerful import feature (our favorite). Strategic use of candidate data imports can take your Sourcing to a new level, using LIR as a people aggregator. We will tell you all about it. Note, you will need to activate the feature for your account. Most LIR users (and LinkedIn account representatives) are unaware of this step.

3) You may be paying for too many LIR subscriptions. If you are paying for LIR for recruiters that do not actively source, we’ll show you how to use the “Hiring Manager” feature instead. You can also use this feature to expand the coverage of your existing LIR licenses by 20 times. As a bonus, your “Hiring Managers” will gain access to additional features in their personal (non-Recruiter) accounts at no added cost.

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Class Outcomes: You will learn how to perform searches correctly, and find just the right potential candidates. We will show you the best ways to use the “Talent Pipeline” to import and cross-reference candidate data and track pools of candidates together with your teammates. We will also teach you how to send more InMails to potential candidates than your subscription limit, combined with personalization tips to achieve higher response rates.

Who Will Benefit: Teams with LinkedIn Recruiter subscriptions – both Corporate and Recruiter Professional Services.

Duration: 90 minutes

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

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