Sourcing without Boolean

For many Sourcers and Recruiters advanced Boolean searching is hard, takes too much time, or does not produce the desired results.

Want to get on the phone with potential candidates fast? This class teaches more than a dozen easy to use "plain English" search patterns, which do not require advanced search skills yet produce excellent results.

Major search engines, including Google, have become semantic-oriented, meaning - they “tune in” to the intent of the person who searches. In many practical cases, Google is now more responsive to searching “in English”, without advanced operators, than when using complex Boolean constructions. That’s great news!

Like writing poetry or tweeting, searching without operators allows us to be creative and make discoveries.

We demonstrate finding "hidden" professionals, locating and exploring previously unknown sites full of candidate details, by searching in plain English.

Equipped with the search patterns, you will be able to put your new skills to work as soon as the class ends.

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Class Outcomes: You will learn simple, straight-forward search patterns to easily find professionals online without complex Boolean strings or special search operators.

Who Will Benefit: Recruiters who need to find target professionals outside of the mainstream sites, but dislike or don’t have enough time to write complex Boolean Strings.

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

30 Days Support: This class includes our 30-day online support guarantee. Get answers to your questions, additional examples, and suggestions for implementing what you learn.

Optional Workshop: For the live version of the class, you'll get extended Q&A and real-time demonstrations of how to apply what you've learned to your daily work. In recorded form, the practice session provides additional examples and exercises for practicing on your own time.

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Lecture Recorded: November 20th, 2019
Practice Recorded: November 21st, 2019

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