Sourcing Answers ebook cover

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Scheduled for publication December 15th, Sourcing Answers is a new ebook containing over one hundred and twenty Sourcing exercises, including solutions and step-by-step explanations. We hope that you will find the book informative, and the questions both fun and educational.

Our original purpose in writing the book was to give guidance to our Sourcing Certification Exam takers by offering sample exam questions for practice. We believe that providing the ebook to the exam takers ahead of time improves their experience and exam outcomes.

However, we feel this ebook has other potential applications. Are you:

  • A Sourcer or Recruiter? You can use these exercises to test your Sourcing skills and find areas to improve.
  • A Manager? Assess your team’s Sourcing skills and find areas where they may benefit from additional training.
  • Hiring Recruiters? Give these questions (or variations) at interviews to test their Sourcing competence.

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