Sourcing Hacks

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Sourcing Hacks

Keeping up with the ever-changing online landscape is a challenge for everyone. With the many blogs and other online resources for Sourcers and Recruiters, it is all to easy to miss a key hack or recently shared technique.

Do you know what information LinkedIn won't let you search for, and how to work around it? Have you uncovered Twitters undocumented search options? Are you aware of the best places to find online lists and resumes that simple searches won't reveal? Do you automate sharing your jobs and employer branding materials to increase candidate engagement? Are you recovered from the whiplash of Facebook search changes?

This class collects all of the latest and greatest Sourcing hacks into a single 90-minute session, including:

  • Sourcing for resumes in Images
  • X-Raying cloud storage
  • Finding direct numbers for company employees
  • Collecting and cross-referencing contact lists
  • Searching LinkedIn for the info that can’t be found using its search dialog
  • Simple ways to build Custom Search Engines using Objects
  • Using IFTTT applets along with RSS feeds
  • Creating Facebook Graph search strings using Facebook numerical IDs for companies, job titles, and locations
  • Sourcing on Instagram
  • Using undocumented Twitter search operators

… and more!

Class Outcomes: Expand your Sourcing kit with a great collection of the latest hacks to find contact information, automate some repetitive tasks, uncover hidden information, and more! Become more comfortable with advanced methods and improve your overall Sourcing productivity.

Who will benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, lead generation professionals, and anyone who uses the Internet to search for professionals, are familiar with Sourcing basics, and want to expand their Sourcing kit.

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

30 Days Support: This class includes our 30-day online support guarantee. Get answers to your questions, additional examples, and suggestions for implementing what you learn!

Upcoming Sessions (2019) - Limited Seating
Lecture: Wednesday, February 20th @ 9 to 10:30AM Pacific time

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Lecture: Recorded September 26, 2018

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