Sourcing Hacks 3rd Edition ebook cover


Pre-order Sourcing Hacks, 4th Edition, today, and you will receive a complimentary copy of the 3rd Edition to read while you wait. Sourcing Hacks is published in electronic (PDF) format, and contains a collection of hacks, applicable to searching in any location or industry. You can instantly enrich your Sourcing Toolbox and improve your productivity with these hacks.

For each hack, we explain the underlying concept, why the hack works, detailed instructions for performing the hack, and practical examples of applying it to a real-world sourcing task (complete with clickable examples). These detailed explanations will help you to tweak the hacks to fit your needs and get a better overall understanding of how and why sourcing techniques work the way they do.

We have gathered this material while hands-on sourcing for our clients at Brain Gain Recruiting and teaching sourcers and recruiters in our online classes.

Here are some hacks we have included in the book:

  • Collect Thousands of Email Addresses in Seconds
  • Find Direct Dials for 70% of Companies
  • Build Search Shortcuts to Save Hours of Time
  • Import and Cross-Reference Contacts with LinkedIn for Free
  • Search for People by any Location on Facebook
  • Diversity Sourcing with Avatars
  • Change Location to Change Results

After providing payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions accessing the 3rd Edition ebook within one business day. We will send additional instructions for upgrading to the 4th Edition at no added cost once the new edition is published.

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