Pre-Order the Sourcing Hacks eBook

Pre-Order the Sourcing Hacks eBook2018-11-07T06:02:17+00:00

By Irina Shamaeva and David Galley

Pre-Order Only Pricing: $49

Our new book “Sourcing Hacks” is almost ready! Whether you are an experienced or beginner Sourcer, you will benefit from the material.

The book contains a collection of hacks, applicable to searching in any locations and industries. You can instantly enrich your Sourcing Toolbox with the hacks and improve your productivity.

With each hack, we are providing not only links and steps for running the hack, but also the underlying concept, reasons why it works, and practical examples of applying. The explanations should help you to modify the hacks to fit your needs and get a better overall understanding of how and why Sourcing techniques work the way they do.

We have gathered this material while hands-on sourcing for our clients at Brain Gain Recruiting and teaching Sourcers and Recruiters in our online classes.

Here are some hacks we have included in the book:

  • Look for CVs and resumes stored on the cloud
  • Find direct phone numbers for company employees
  • Find contact lists by Googling
  • Cross-Reference a list on Facebook
  • Search by the zip code and radius on LinkedIn with a basic account
  • Search for LinkedIn information that you won’t find by using the LinkedIn search dialog
  • Identify Facebook IDs for Job Titles, Companies, and locations
  • Use undocumented operators on Twitter
  • Use the operator Asterisk on Google and Custom Search Engines to control snippets
  • Use Objects to build simple (and useful) Custom Search Engines
  • Use LinkedIn-MS Office integration to view LinkedIn profiles of your contacts
  • Work around LinkedIn Boolean search restrictions (our favorite!)

… and more!

After providing payment, you will receive a confirmation email within one business day. You will receive instructions for accessing the book on its publication date, scheduled for November 30th, 2018. All communications will be sent to the email provided during checkout.