Lecture & Practice Session: Sourcing Internationally – Recording, Slides, and More

Lecture & Practice Session: Sourcing Internationally – Recording, Slides, and More 2016-10-28T19:22:31+00:00
Sourcing Internationally

Increasing globalization means more and more companies are on the hunt for talent in many countries, even across several continents. The specific tools and techniques to find candidates in North America are not the same ones used in the EMEA or APAC regions.

If you want to uncover the best talent around the world, you must know how to apply fundamental Sourcing best practices in a multitude of new ways.

In this new webinar, Sourcing Master Irina Shamaeva covers the main concepts, best practices, and techniques for Sourcing talent across different countries.

Lecture Session – This comprehensive session provides all you need to know about Sourcing Internationally, including topics such as:

  1. Overview of global social networks and statistics: which networks Sourcers should target for various locations worldwide
  2. Tips for searching on LinkedIn across multiple locations; searching for language proficiency; and X-Raying LinkedIn for profiles in languages other than English
  3. Google search tips for multi-national searches; comparison with alternative search engines
  4. Specific techniques for uncovering lists of qualified specialists in various industries, including: IT, biotech/pharma, financial/accounting, and more

Practice Session – A hands-on session led by Sourcing Certification Program Driector David Galley, which provides live demos and examples of applying the international Sourcing principles from the Lecture.

Who Will Benefit? Everyone who is responsible for delivering top talent across a multinational organization. This webinar provides value to Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and Sourcing professionals (or managers) at international companies of all sizes.

The presentation is in Double-Webinar format:

Sourcing Internationally – Lecture ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Sourcing Internationally – Practice ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Sourcing Internationally – BOTH Lecture AND Practice Session
Register for BOTH Lecture and Practice (recommended; save $49!), and get access to ALL materials, including 3 hours of video instruction:

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