Lecture & Practice: Sourcing Methodologies – Recording, Slides and More

Lecture & Practice: Sourcing Methodologies – Recording, Slides and More2017-09-06T12:05:19+00:00
Sourcing Methodologies

Make your Sourcing soar to new heights!

"X-Raying", "Flipping" and "Peeling" are sourcing techniques that were defined fifteen years ago. They remain applicable and useful, but amount and complexity of online data has grown significantly since these techniques were popularized.

The Sourcing Theory presented in this webinar takes full advantage of what today's Internet offers. Understanding of the theory behind Sourcing best practices them facilitates more consistent productivity - and enjoyment - in your work. Some of the modern concepts discussed are:

  1. "Visualize Success": imagine what you are going to find, then use that to find the target pages. This common sense approach has surprising applications.
  2. "Follow the Leads": identify your ideal candidate online, then find other promising profiles by looking up that professional's traces online. Consistently following those traces works wonders, especially if your target professionals are members of committees, associations, or other professional gatherings.
  3. "Sourcing without Searching" obtain a set of data with known structure (such as emails, resumes, or lists of contacts) from the web, then, parse, sort, and filter. There are some true gems that can be found this way. Existing tools make it doable by anyone, not just by "geeks".
  4. "Cross-Referencing": starting from incomplete traces, build more complete professional profiles by locating and assembling the professional bio details. Learn to leverage social sites and lookup tools to make this process faster and more effective.

Who Will Benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, and everyone looking for professionals online. The webinar will be especially useful for those who feel that their resources are getting exhausted, or that their sourcing is too labor-intensive, and are looking for new ways to source.

The webinar is presented in two parts:

Sourcing Methodologies - Lecture ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Sourcing Methodologies - Practice ONLY
Duration: 90 minutes
Sourcing Methodologies - Both Lecture and Practice Session
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