Productivity Tools for Sourcing

The list of must-have Sourcing tools changes frequently. In 2019 alone, several of our old favorites have stopped working, including almost every Facebook search tool. Others tools have gained new features or limitations. After much consideration, we have added several new tools to our line-up and will share those with you.

In this class, we review our current recommended list of tools to help solve common problems and boost Sourcing productivity. For each tool, we discuss the capabilities, limitations, and best ways to integrate it into your Sourcing and Recruitment processes. We also discuss how best to review new tools and select from among competing options to best suit your needs.

The categories of tools we will cover include:

  1. Browser Settings and Tools for Managing Tools
  2. Emailing and Scheduling
  3. Collaboration and Organizing Information
  4. Contact Finding and Enrichment
  5. Search Productivity Tools
  6. Social Media Management

NOTE: The majority of the tools we cover are free or inexpensive.

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Class Outcomes: You will learn the current best tools for overcoming common Sourcing challenges and increasing productivity. Speed up your work with the recommended tool as soon as the webinar is over!

Who will benefit: Recruiters, Sourcers, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Researchers, and anyone who wants to excel at Internet Research.

Included: For live and recorded classes alike, all who register will receive the complete recording and presentation slides.

30 Days Support: This class includes our 30-day online support guarantee. Get answers to your questions, additional examples, and suggestions for implementing what you learn.

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Lecture Recorded: September 11, 2019

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