In this hands-on class, you will learn how to source the right way - precisely and productively - on Google, social networks, and professional sites. Understand how best to structure your search process. Acquire multiple hands-on techniques to produce more and better results with your searches. Become comfortable with advanced methods and improve your overall Sourcing productivity.

Lecture on December 4th @ 9 to 10:30 AM Pacific time
Workshop on December 5th @ 9 to 10:30AM Pacific time

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For those who dislike search operators: the Internet has SO much well-organized information now, that a good (and useful) chunk of it can be uncovered without writing “Boolean” expressions.

You will learn simple, straight-forward search patterns to easily find professionals online without complex Boolean strings or special search operators.

Lecture on November 20th @ 9 to 10:30AM Pacific time
Workshop on November 21st @ 9 to 10:30AM Pacific time

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