Whether you work in Recruitment, Marketing, or Sales, if your job involves finding information about professionals online, our training and certification will benefit you.

We have condensed decades of expertise into a series of training courses that will improve your skills, save time, and keep you competitive in today's ever-changing digital world. Our Training Library is constantly updated to ensure that you get the latest and most relevant information.

Our internationally recognized professional certification, the CPSP credential, allows you to demonstrate proficiency in all core Sourcing (research, lead generation, and pipeline activation) skills.

We have helped tens of thousands of professionals - individuals, and teams of all sizes - since our launch in 2012.

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Meet the Team

Irina Shamaeva
Irina ShamaevaFounder
Irina Shamaeva is a Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, Blogger at Boolean Strings, creator and moderator of the world’s largest online community of Sourcers, and a world-class trainer providing webinars on Sourcing. Her first book, 300 Best Boolean Strings, is now on its 3rd edition, and she has recently founded SocialList.io. Previously Irina was a Software Engineer and Manager at several start-up and bio-tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Master in Mathematics from Moscow University.
David Galley
David GalleyDirector, Training Programs
David Galley is a self-described "Sourcing nerd" and enjoys digging deep in to technical details, discovering information others may have missed. David heads up development and delivery of the Sourcing Certifications Training Library and Certification Exams. He also runs custom online and on-site training programs for corporate teams and recruiting agencies. David holds a BS in Accounting from Colorado Technical University.

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