All Source Recruiting

Acquire the ability to source and recruit from ALL online sources. LinkedIn is invaluable, but it shouldn't be your sole resource. Few talent professionals explore beyond the typical (i.e., LinkedIn, job boards, ATS), but those who do gain a competitive advantage.
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What's included?

  • Complete recordings and presentation slides for both days
  • 30-day online support guarantee
  • Certificate of Completion

 Class Outcomes

Broaden your sourcing skills by identifying and exploring data-rich sites, discovering new places to find candidates, and venturing into previously unexplored sources. Discover the latest statistics on online activity and learn how to identify and assess social networks that will aid in your sourcing efforts. Gain valuable tips and examples for sourcing from social media sites. Enhance your sourcing proficiency today.

 Who will benefit

This material is valuable to Recruiters, Sourcers, and Talent Acquisition professionals seeking candidates of any kind.