March 2024

What Every Recruiter Needs to Know About Sourcing

Our class provides an overview of the sourcing landscape, covering core concepts, techniques, and resources. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the sourcing process and learn about the latest best practices and tools that are essential for effective sourcing.
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What's included?

  • Complete recording and presentation slides
  • Six-step methodology for finding contact details
  • Google Search Reference Tip Sheet
  • X-Ray Practice Searches for Exploring New Sites - Tip Sheet
  • 30-day online support guarantee

 Course Outcomes

Our class provides an essential foundation for modern sourcing professionals. By enrolling, you will learn what it takes to be a successful Sourcer and identify the areas that require future learning and development. Take the first step in your journey towards becoming a top-tier Sourcer!

 Who will benefit

Our class is designed for full-cycle Recruiters seeking to enhance their direct candidate sourcing skills, but anyone who searches online (including full-time Sourcers, marketing, and business development professionals) can benefit from it. By enrolling, you'll gain valuable insights and practical demonstrations of the latest sourcing techniques and best practices.