“ Sourcing Certifications webinars pull together and verify information from a wide range of sources into a single set of concepts that really ‘clicked’ for me. ”
– Miriam Mealy, Sourcer, Specialized Staffing & Industry Recruiters

We offer a comprehensive, up-to-date set of Sourcing training materials for Recruiters, covering every topic you must master to find and engage target professionals online.

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Training Programs

Join Master Sourcer Irina Shamaeva as she covers “everything” sourcing in this two-week, six-day Sourcing Bootcamp. You will learn the latest and most effective techniques for talent sourcing on LinkedIn, search engines, and social sites, including the most efficient ways to collect and manage sourced data. This course is suitable for talent professionals of all experience levels.

April 2023 Bootcamp

The April program runs for two weeks, from the 4th to 13th.

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With the fast-growing demand for diversity Sourcing, we are now offering a complete Diversity Sourcing Program. Since its introduction last year, the Program has been in high demand and received numerous positive feedback from participants. The Program consists of a four-day intensive training course, capped by the Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional (CDSP) certification exam.

The four training webinars provide instruction on the six core sourcing skill areas covered in our original Certified People Sourcing Professional exam, specifically focusing on applying those skills to diversity sourcing. You will learn the essential techniques and strategies to be proficient in sourcing and achieve your diversity sourcing goals.

September 2023 CDSP Program

The September program runs from the 26th to 29th with testing September 30th to October 8th.

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Sourcing Lectures & Workshops (Presented in English)

Learn to source and recruit from ALL online sources. LinkedIn is an excellent resource but cannot be your only one. Few talent professionals look outside their typical resources (i.e., LinkedIn, job boards, ATSes), but those who do stand to outperform their peers and competitors. Join us for this two-part class and learn how identifying and using new sources of candidate info can put you at the forefront of the race for talent.

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This course reviews all of the most important concepts, sites, tools, and search techniques to source and recruit candidates online. An excellent intro for beginner, the class will also serve experienced Recruiters who want to make sure they do Sourcing right.

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Healthcare professionals are in demand and, on average, are harder to find and engage online than workers in other industries. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the most efficient methods of using online sources to find, and contact Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Therapists, and other allied health workers.

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All proceeds go toward humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In addition to supporting a great cause, you will learn every method for x-ray searching LinkedIn precisely and efficiently. You will be able to uncover profiles in ways even LinkedIn Recruiter cannot match, for free, using Google.

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Improve your Sourcing productivity and dramatically expand your Sourcing kit with our just-updated collection of “hacks” to find contact information, automate repetitive tasks, uncover hidden information, and more.

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Increase your X-Ray “X”pertise by learning how best to apply the site: operator and select common and specific elements for your target results in this first-of-its-kind class. We demonstrate the steps for evaluating sites and provide examples including many of today’s most popular social and professional networks.

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In this class, we explain the what, why, and how of web scraping for recruiters. You don’t need to be very technical to adopt the tools and techniques presented in this class, but there will be some learning curve. Just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm, and we’ll be happy to help you become an expert.

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Learn the current best techniques for identifying executives in any location, industry, or company and perform practical competitive and market intelligence to support your executive Sourcing efforts.

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In this two-part course, you will learn a collection of workarounds and best practices to make LinkedIn® Sourcing more productive than ever before. Overcome the limitations holding your back on LinkedIn® with the lessons learned in our fully up-to-date class!

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Join us for a class on the masterful usage of LinkedIn Recruiter. You will learn to navigate LinkedIn Recruiter, search with confidence, find and InMail the right prospects.

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Think you’ve exhausted LinkedIn as a resource? Think again! We will teach you how to find millions of “hidden in plain sight” profiles on LinkedIn using multi-source research methods. You will see many more profiles, including many you haven’t encountered before!

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This class covers various techniques to help assess the competitive landscape for your company or requisition. You will learn to apply these techniques to find competitors in an industry or location, similar job titles within a range of companies, which companies use the same technology or methods as your own, salary data, and much more.

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This foundational course teaches how to use Boolean logic and syntax to improve your searches. An excellent resource for new Sourcers, and a great way for experienced Sourcers to refresh their advanced Boolean search skills.

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The class follows the book, covering semantic elements in search engines, advanced search operators, and lesser-known search syntax to boost your searches. We provide lots of practical examples.

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This two-part pre-recorded class, based on our diversity sourcing certification program, will teach you the top search techniques and best practices, along with plenty of examples, for conducting targeted diversity sourcing.

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This class covers every major tool and method to locate technical talent online and ways to attract the attention of “passive” technical candidates. Find and engage potential candidates that others won’t!

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Build simple, powerful Custom Search Engines in minutes. This class breaks down the what, why, and how of Google Custom Search Engines for Recruitment. You’ll also get access to more than twenty Custom Search Engines, built and used by our Master Sourcers, which you can use as-is or as inspiration for developing your own CSEs.

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Our unique training course covers advanced search techniques for Google, Custom Search Engines, and LinkedIn. We bridge the gap between OSINT and Talent Sourcing approaches to online research in this one-of-a-kind presentation.

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This interactive class provides a six-step methodology, covering best practices to find contact information for any prospect: email, phone numbers, and more.

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This class covers how Google and LinkedIn search really works in 2022. We will show you how to update your search strings to maximize the number and accuracy of your results on both platforms. Anyone using Google or LinkedIn for research must learn this information or get left behind.

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Are you a recruiter or TA professional looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly-evolving world of AI? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover how ChatGPT and AI can revolutionize your recruitment strategy while supporting a great cause! 100% of the profits from this webinar go to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Join us and explore the game-changing potential of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence in recruitment.

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Sourcing Ebooks

Google’s Programmable Search Engines (previously called Custom Search Engines, or CSEs) provide search opportunities that are unavailable anywhere else. “Custom Search – Discover more:” is the first-ever book to provide a complete guide to understanding, building, and using these power (free) tools.

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“300 Best Boolean Strings” collects over three hundred sample Boolean search strings and templates, along with explanations, and detailed, up-to-date search tip sheets.

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Sourcing Hacks is published in electronic (PDF) format and contains a collection of hacks, applicable to searching in any location or industry. You can instantly enrich your Sourcing Toolbox and improve your productivity with these hacks.


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